Reversed King of Pentacles - clear out the clutter!

I’ve been thinking all week about a reading I did recently. In this reading, we discovered that my client was being blocked by the reversed King of Pentacles.

The King of Pentacles represents a person, often a man, who’s very powerful. In his benevolent form (rightside-up), he shows his leadership and authority through material means—he’s a great provider. Reversed, it can mean someone who uses his power and wealth to manipulate or abuse. A bad boyfriend, a terrible boss, that kind of thing.

But none of that applied to my client. Her relationships were fine. Her job was chill. So what was the deal with this card?


The answer to this turned out to be a perfect reminder of why I love tarot. (Also one of the reasons why I so believe in CO-CREATING readings with my clients. Together we can solve anything!)

As she talked, it turned out that CLUTTER and caring for material possessions were a huge issue for her. She wanted to do something about the clutter, but kept putting it off. And I suddenly realized that our poor King is DROWNING in clutter! He has so much stuff, you can hardly even see him, his fancy robe, his beautiful castle. Reversed, the clutter has the upper hand. SHE was the King. And getting rid of this clutter, simplifying and caring for her home, is key to her being able to move forward with her other plans.

Wishing you all a happy and simplified New Year! May we all take this opportunity to de-clutter our palaces, a little every day. Less is truly more.