What Justice calls us to do


Justice is one of those cards that can be tough to get acquainted with. The figure is stern and foreboding - are we being judged? The pose is stiff and awkward. Plus it's somewhat similar at first glance to other cards, in particular Judgement and the Hierophant. So what does this card mean?

When Justice appears in a reading, it's often calling us to be our best selves - a moral challenge, if you will. Here's what I mean:

1. Integrity. Justice asks us to conduct ourselves with integrity in all things. To treat people the way we want to be treated. To be fair and honest, to do unto others. Not to cheat, lie, steal or manipulate. This isn't always easy to do - you often need real strength to stand up for what's right. (Hence the stiff posture!) People sometimes talk about this card as representing "karma" but karma can seem a bit self-serving - doing good to others, to ultimately benefit yourself. Justice asks us to do good, for no other reason than because it's the right thing to do.

2. Decisiveness. Justice also lets us know that a time of decisions is on hand, and calls on us to be ready to make those decisions. It's not a time to be wishy-washy, or look to others to decide. We have to look deep within ourselves, know what we want, be brave enough to make choices, and (most of all) to THINK DEEPLY and CHOOSE WISELY.

Traditionally, Justice can also portend legal issues, contracts, etc.  Not always day-to-day life for most of us (hopefully anyway) but worth keeping in mind as well.

Recently this card came up in a reading for someone who was nervous about an upcoming professional challenge/opportunity. Based on this card, we determined that her best path forward is to behave with integrity - not pretend to be something she isn't or scheme to "work the situation". And to get in touch with her own true desires so that when decisions (or possibly even contracts) come up - she is ready!