The Moon, the Sun, and magic!


 I recently did a reading for the following question: how can I best attract opportunity and magic into my life? One of the cards that came up was the Moon. I always love the Moon,  maybe it's the crazy lobster climbing out to dance with dogs in the moonlight.   maybe it's the shining golden path leading off into dark mountains. Maybe that it so beautifully represents the scary beautiful nighttime world of imagination and intuition. 

 An interesting way to think about what the Tarot cards are saying is to think about the cards that are NOT shown. In this case: what would it mean to attract opportunity and magic through the Sun versus through the Moon?  

The Sun in this case would reflect conventional wisdom about how to be successful: be confident, be joyful, put yourself out into the world and attract attention to yourself so that opportunities will find you.  Expect the best and the best will happen.  And in a lot of cases this would be great advice. 

  But the Sun is not the card that came up. The card that came up was the Moon. So this is saying that for this person, the way to find opportunities and magic is not to focus on the external world, not to worry about how you are being perceived by others,  not to strive for attention, but to go deep. Go weird! Get in touch with your inner voice. Follow your own  unique path. Be as individualistic and iconoclastic and intuitive and idiosyncratic as you possibly can be. 

 And this is why I love the Tarot.